Mr. Grey will see you now

Nemam naviku da pravim planove mnogo unapred, ali ovoga puta tačno znam šta ću raditi na Dan Zaljubljenih 2015. godine. Tako je, bestseler iz 2012. godine konačno je ekranizovan i biće premijerno prikazan u bioskopima 14. februara naredne godine. Knjigama sam dala šansu i nisu me oduševile, ali uprkos tome, ja i neke od mojih drugarica sa faksa jedva čekamo da pogledamo film. Jao, ko će čekati 204 dana do dolaska filma u bioskope! Mada mislim da jednako želim da čujem ekskluzivnu verziju pesme "Crazy in love" prelepe Beyoncé koja je prva i postavila zadirkujući kadar iz filma na svom Instagram profilu. Ja jedva čekam da pogledam film, a vi? Jeste li čitali knjige, kakvi su vam utisci i planirate li možda da kupite karte za projekciju? 

I don't really have the habit to make plans much in advance, but this time I know exactly what I'll be doing on Valentine's Day in 2015. That's right, the 2012 bestseller is finally filmed and the movie premiere is on the 14th of February next year. I gave the books a chance and they made no significant impression on me, but despite that, me and some of my college friends can't wait to see the movie. Oh, who can wait for another 204 days until it gets on the cinema screens! Though I think that I want to hear the exclusive version of the song "Crazy in love" by the gorgeous Beyoncé who was the first one to post a teaser on her Instagram profile just as much. I can't wait to see the movie, how about you? Have you read the books, what are your impressions and are you planning to maybe buy the movie tickets?

Chanel FW 2014/2015 by Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel je jedan od mojih omiljenih brendova, a Karl Lagerfeld jedan od mojih omiljenih dizajnera. Ova kolekcija je samo potvrdila da sam u pravu što gajim simpatije prema ovom čoveku, ili barem njegovom stvaralaštvu. Uglavnom, kada gledam prenose modnih revija (pošto, nažalost, do sada nisam bila te sreće da prisustvujem jednoj), kreacije koje oslikavaju određeni trend ili ideju mi privuku najveći deo pažnje, dok venčanica koja obično zatvara reviju ne ostavlja naročit utisak na mene koliko god da volim brend ili dizajnera. Međutim, to ovde nije bio slučaj. Svakako da su me oduševile bele haljine u kombinaciji sa zlatnim (jedna od mojih omiljenih) sa baroknom tematikom, ali ova venčanica je definitivno ukrala moje srce. Kroj koji je savršeni spoj savremenog i tradicionalnog, zlatni detalji i barokni vez koji čine da ova haljina izgleda kraljevski probudili su onu devojčicu u meni koja i dan danas, makar potajno, priželjkuje svoj srećan kraj. Videla sam veliki broj venčanica i nijedna nije uspela da mi da ideju kako bih zamišljala taj svoj veliki dan, ali ova je u svakom smislu oblikovala moj davno zaboravljeni devojački san. Zaista bih volela da se udam u ovoj haljini.

Chanel is one of my favourite brands, and Karl Lagerfeld one of my favourite designers. This collection just confirmed that I was right for having some affinity to this man, or at least his creations. Anyway, usually when I watch fashion show broadcasts (since I, unfortunately, still had no opportunity to actually attend one), the creations that introduce a certain trend or idea mostly catch my eye, while the wedding dress at the closing of the show doesn't make much of an impression on me, regardless of how much I like a brand or designer. However, this wasn't the case. Of course I was amazed by the white dresses in combination with gold (one of my favourites) with baroque theme, but this wedding dress has definitely stolen my heart. The shape which is a perfect combo of contemporary and traditional, golden details and baroque embroidment that make this dress look royal awakened that little girl in me who even today, at least secretly, longs for her happy ending. I've seen many wedding dresses and not a single one could give me an idea on how I'd picture my big day, but this one shaped my long forgotten girly dream in every possible way. I would really love to get married in this dress.

Rock hard, f*** safe

Tokio Hotel x H&M Designers Against Aids t-shirt  //  Sheinside blazer (find it here)  //  Oasap sunglasses (find them here)  //  Tally Weijl jeggings  //  Deichmann flats  //  Accessorize bag  //  Romwe rings (find them here)

Vreme je za malo poigravanje stilovima. Može se reći da me je za to inspirisao moj omiljeni bend, Tokio Hotel, koji su svojom na neki način jedinstvenom pojavom izazvali podelu ljudi na one koje ih vole iz logičnih ili pak nerazumnih razloga, one koji ih mrze bez ikakvog očiglednog razloga, i retke ravnodušne. Čini mi se da se isto dogodilo i meni sa mnogim ljudima dok sam odrastala, ali reči pevača istog tog benda ukratko su sažele razlog što se nikada nisam obazirala na to ko me mrzi i zašto: "Sve dok postoje ljudi koji vas mrze, možete biti sigurni da će postojati i ljudi koji vas vole." Zahvaljujući njima velikim delom sam postala hrabrija na sve načine, čak i da kada je u pitanju moda sledim svoje srce bez obzira na tuđa očekivanja. Tako sam ovaj outfit, koji bi s nekom košuljom ili opuštenom bluzom lako mogao da prođe i kao malo elegantniji, svela na sasvim ležeran jednom majicom koja je potekla iz humanitarne organizacije i ideje četiri mladića iz Nemačke. Ovim malim odstupanjem želim da vas ohrabrim da verujete svojim odlukama i budete hrabri da pokušate (i čuvate se šta god da radite), jer je: "Pa, dobro..." posle neuspeha bolje nego: "Šta da...?" nakon odustajanja. Kao što na ovoj majici piše, rokajte jako... ostalo zaključujete sami. :)

It's time for a little play with styles. You could say that I was inspired by my favourite band Tokio Hotel, who, by their somehow unique appearance, caused the division of people to the ones who love them for logical or maybe even unreasonable reasons, the ones who hate them for no apparent reason, and very little indifferent ones. I think that the same happened to me with many people while I was growing up, but the words of the band's lead singer briefly explained my reasons for not paying much attention to who hated me and why: "As long as there are people who hate you, you can be sure that there will also be people who love you." Thanks to them I was significantly braver in all ways, to follow my heart regardless of other people's expectations even when it comes to fashion. That is how I made this outfit, which could potentially be elegant with a blouse or loose top, much more casual by wearing a t-shirt that originated from a charity organization and the idea of four young men from Germany. With this combo I want to encourage you to trust your decisions and be brave to give it a shot (and take care whatever you do), because an: "Oh, well..." after a failure is much better than a: "What if...?" after giving up. Just like this t-shirt says, rock hard... you can figure the rest out yourself. :)

The perfect girl: She is Inside of you

Leather jacket here  //  T-shirt here  //  Sunglasses here  //  Flats here  //  Scarf here  //  Shorts here

Blazer here  //  Necklace here  //  Top here  //  Skirt here  //  Flats here  //  Sunglasses here

Blouse here  //  Bracelet here  //  Skirt here  //  Clutch here  //  Sandals here

Crop shirt here  //  Necklace here  //  Ring here  //  Trousers here  //  Flats here  //  Clutch here

Volim Sheinside online prodavnicu, a sada ću vam reći i zašto. Ova prodavnica nudi odeću, obuću i aksesoare u velikom spektru raznovrsnosti i gotovo da sam sigurna da svaka devojka, bez obzira na prirodu njenog stila, može pronaći nešto za sebe. Još jedan razlog što je volim je isti razlog zbog koga volim modu - dopušta mi da, kad god poželim, istovremeno budem i svoja i neko drugi. Daje mi prostora da se menjam, a da opet ostanem verna sebi, da istovremeno budem prilagodljiva i da prkosim. Zato vam savetujem da, bez obzira želite li da ostanete dosledni stilu koji negujete ili isprobate nešto novo, date ovom sajtu šansu i ponesete ono što odaberete s ponosom. 💋

I love the Sheinside online store, and now I'm going to tell you why. This store offers clothes, shoes and accessories in a large spectrum of variety and I am almost sure that any girl, regardless of the nature of her style, can find something to wear. Another reason why I love it is the same reason I love fashion in the first place - it allows me to, whenever I want it, be myself and somebody else at the same time. It gives me space to change, and still be true to myself, to be both adjustable and rebellious. That's why I advise you to, no matter if you want to stay consistent to your existing style or try out something new, give this website a chance and proudly wear what you choose.  💋



Lavish Alice crop top (find it here)  //  Front Row Shop trousers (find them here)  //  Oasap sunglasses (find them here)  //  Born Pretty Store necklace (find it here)  //  Romwe rings (find them here)  //  Romwe leather jacket (sadly sold out)  //  Tašnarija clutch  //  Bata sandals

Jelena - ime koje ponosno nosim već dvadeset godina. Nije da sam imala mnogo izbora, niti je ono naročito specifično, ali je deo svega što sam bila svih ovih godina, i što ću tek biti u budućnosti. Ne osećam se naročito starije, ali svakako da me sustižu zrelost mojih novih godina i odgovornosti koje ih prate, tako da mogu reći da se osećam za nijansu odraslije. Neću govoriti: "Kada pogledam unazad..." kao što mnogi rade, i to iz jednog jednostavnog razloga. Ne gledam unazad jer se nisam tamo uputila.

Jelena - the name that I proudly have for twenty years already. It's not that I had much of a choice, though, and it's not too specific, but it's a part of everything I've been for all these years, and what I'll still get to be in the future. I don't feel much older, but the maturity of my new age and responsibilities that follow are surely catching up with me, so I can say that I feel just slightly more grown up. I won't say: "And now that I look back..." like many people do, and it's for one simple reason. I'm not looking back, for I'm not going that way.